The Ectopic Entity Series

Human hair and latex, dimensions variable



The Ectopic Entities series looks at the subject of ‘taboo’ and how the body in certain states can be given that status. It explores visions of ‘self’ removed and separate from, but co-existing with, the body and what powers we can have over the gaze that the self becomes subjected to. The function of the Ectopic Entities is to demonstrate the performativity that has taken place in relation to an existing body elsewhere and how cultural connotations can lead to physical sculpting and reimagining of the human body. 


Exhibited in In Site1 at Factor 44, Antwerp (February 2014), ♀ at Barnstables Floor Store (June 2014), Raw Talent 2014 at Dalston Department Store (June 2014) and in The Tomorrow People at Elevator Gallery (August 2014), as part of Hackney WickED Festival 2014.

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