Moving image installation with projection on water


In collaboration with Amanda Baum


Morfisk (danish for morphic and mother fish) is a multi-screen moving image installation exploring and visually telling the story of Metamorphosis. The installation is made up with various elements grouped in triples - three videos projected onto separate pools of water, their projections relating to the three stages of metamorphosis; egg, nymph and adult, as well as referencing three perspectives on the transition: in vitro, in vivo and in silico. The videos are reflected from the liquid onto walls and ceiling, visualising the fluid dynamics and merging between the different states and forms of metamorphosis. Over time the three videos melt together, complemented by the sound of the 30 different spellings of mackerel being read out loud, at first staccato before morphing into unrecognisable, organic sounds. Contrasting the visual liquidity, the audio suggests language as both the tool as well as the restriction of understanding complex systems.​

Rose Leahy | 2018 ©