The Sky Is Dancing

Intervention of 2000 paper helicopters dropped from the top of the Tate Modern Turbine Hall



The Sky Is Dancing took place as part of Up Hill, Down Hall: An Indoor Carnival, a one day event at the Tate Modern which highlighted carnival as an artistic medium, as well as exploring it's role throughout history as a political tool, used to stake territories and challenge authority.


The paper helicopters of The Sky Is Dancing took inspiration from ticker tape thrown at carnivals, as well as the police presence in the skies during them. Each collaborating artist contributed several designs to be printed onto the helicopters, relating to their own personal research into political and social aspects of carnival. On the back of each helicopter was a QR code which linked to a website where further information on each project was available.


For more information visit the Tate event page and The Sky Is Dancing blog


In collaboration with Kat Buchanan, Ibiye Camp, Emma Day, Georgia Gendall, Steph Hardy, Levi Naidu-Mitchell, Madeleine Ruggi, Alexis Sera, Francesca Smith, Aidan Strudwick and Giselle Tanabe

Curated by Claire Tancons

Produced by Sonia Boyce and Paul Goodwin

Rose Leahy | 2018 ©