Weaving Worlds

Film and installation


In collaboration with Amanda Baum and Rob Walker

Inspired by the structures and forms that arise from hive mentality and collaborative making, Weaving Worlds is an experiment in creating using both collective and individual voice. The project takes two forms, a three-person authored paper written using a deep learning algorithm, and an installation continuing the ideas proposed in the text. 


WEAVING WORLDS (2016) text written with deep learning algorithim

“Winding through biological complexity, prehistoric beliefs and contemporary science we find a timeless and timely web of resonances. Across disciplines the Nonhuman Turn emerges, decentering the human and uncovering unexpected and unconsidered outcomes. Questions of interrelations between objects and organisms open a vast space of creative discourse. The melted permalinks become kindling for the emergence of complexity in its infinite organic and inorganic permutations. In this liminal space, we find opportunities for interweaving human and nonhuman worlds to practice our tools for cohabitation. In response, Weaving Worlds is a collective venture between us: three human authors and a nonhuman mediator.”

Weaving Worlds took inspiration from the craft of weaving by threading together ideas, theories and concepts, drawing connections between individual texts that ultimately shaped the form of the collective whole. Wishing to reflect the thematic content in the structure and form of the writing, a deep learning algorithim was using to generate unseen connections in the writing. 

WEAVING WORLDS (2017) installation + projection

In a similar collaborative dynamic to the Weaving Worlds text, the installation was a combination of individual research brought and curated together to create multiple narratives and meanings. As in the book format, the relationship between structure and behaviour within scaleable systems was explored, from the architecture of a beehive to the physical form of the financial crash.

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